Seminar a Success!

On September 29, 2016, Ganan & Shapiro joined forces with the Wisconsin firm of Aplin & Ringsmuth to present an informative seminar on the “Hot Topics in Workers’ Compensation” at the Northern Illinois University Conference Center in Naperville, Illinois.  The seminar revolved around the adventures of fictional injured worker “Cliff Schwarzenegger” and his multiple accidents and injuries, the last while in the employ of “Terminator Trucking.”  Using the premise of Mr. Schwarzenegger and his numerous mishaps, the seminar explored various topics in the field of workers compensation, including medical causation, jurisdiction, independent contractor issues, wage calculation, the intoxication defense, narcotic abuse and medical marijuana, vocational rehabilitation and assessment of permanent disability.

We would like to thank not only our friends at Aplin & Ringsmuth for all their hard work in presenting the seminar, but our guest speakers as well, including orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Lawrence Lieber and Dr. David Bartlett, and vocational experts Edward Steffan and John Meltzer. The collective efforts of both firms resulted in an educational and enjoyable experience for all who participated and attended.  If you missed the seminar but would like a copy of the written materials, please contact Julia Murphy at (312) 822-004 or [email protected] and she will be happy to send a copy to you.

In the meantime, check back for announcements concerning future seminars and click on our Case Studies section for updated accounts of our successful defense of workers’ compensation claims in Illinois.ron-aplin-cliff-ganan