Melinda Rowe-Sullivan Appointed to Arbitrator Position by Governor Rauner

We are excited to announce that on August 28, 2015 Melinda Rowe Sullivan accepted Governor Rauner’s appointment to be an arbitrator with the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.  Melinda worked in our Peoria office for more than seven years, until her recent appointment as an arbitrator.  Her instinct, intellect, and energy provided excellent representation to our clients.  Melinda’s professional accomplishments and personality traits put her on Governor Rauner’s radar and resulted in the confirmation of her appointment to such a prestigious position.  Governor Rauner and his staff made an excellent decision in choosing Melinda.  She will bring an incredible level of professional excellence to the Commission.  While our good friend and colleague no longer works at our firm, our industry is strengthened by Melinda accepting the assignment of an Arbitrator with the Commission. We are confident the people of Illinois will find her years of experience in the area of workers’ compensation to be an invaluable asset as she performs her duties in a fair and equitable manner.  We wish her all the best in this new chapter in her career.