Ganan & Shapiro Fall Seminar – 2019

Ganan & Shapiro will be presenting its annual complimentary fall seminar on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Topics will include:

–  Dr. Michael Vender to discuss upper extremity conditions and IME strategies;

– Kathy Majeski of Athletico Physical Therapy to discuss functional capacity evaluations;

– Transitional Duty Employment with a charitable organization as a method of vocational rehabilitation;

– Legislative update and changes at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission;

– How to handle aggressive collection efforts by medical providers, including  discussion of recent establishment of private cause of action to collect interest on medical bills; and

– A game show!  “Compensable or Not Compensable?”


This will be an all-day event, with lunch and refreshments provided throughout the course of the day. 

Watch this space for future details and a formal agenda.

If interested in attending this free seminar, please RSVP to Darci Jones at [email protected].


We look forward to seeing you in the fall!