Ganan & Shapiro Gives Back

On October 12, 2019, attorneys Tim Steil and Dru Dennis from Ganan & Shapiro’s Peoria office, along with Jeff Knauf of Erie Insurance Co., participated in “The Bed Blitz,” sponsored by the West Bloomington Revitalization Project and Youth Build McLean County.  According to event organizers:

“The Bed Blitz is a community driven project sponsored by the WBRP Tool Library and Youth Build McLean County. The Bed Blitz program is a one-day event where volunteers come together to assemble bed frames for local children who are 4-18 years old in low income families. Through the Bed Blitz, local youth will receive a “bed set” that includes: twin bed frame, mattress, hand made quilt, pillow, sheets, teddy bear, laundry detergent and books!”

Tim, Dru and Jeff worked together to build 4 beds in 2 hours, providing a safe and comfortable place for children to sleep. As seen in the photos, they had a great time working together, and felt great giving back to the community!

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