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Surveillance Video Defeats Claim

In a case defended by Tim Steil of our Peoria office, the Commission affirmed an arbitrator’s decision denying liability for a lumbar fusion recommended by the Respondent’s IME physician who later became the treating physician. Facts The Petitioner, Samuel Vires,

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Commission Finds No Accident due to Lack of Credibility

In a case defended by Julia Murphy of our Chicago office, the Commission issued a decision on September 16, 2016, upholding the arbitrator’s denial of liability for an alleged work accident on December 5, 2013. Facts The Petitioner, Moises Cervantes, worked as

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Petitioner Fails to Prove Entitlement to PTD Benefits

On October 9, 2018, the Commission upheld the decision of Arbitrator Falcioni, denying Petitioner’s claim for permanent total disability (PTD) benefits and instead finding entitlement to an award of 15% disability to the person as a whole. This case, defended

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Claimant Fails to Prove Compensable Accident

In a case defended by Michelle LaFayette of our Chicago office, the Appellate Court issued a decision on September 27, 2018, in which it upheld the decision of the Commission that the Petitioner failed to prove she sustained a work accident arising

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Commission Puts Employee’s Claim to Rest

On May 7, 2018, the Commission entered a Decision and Opinion on Review, upholding the arbtrator’s denial of a claim filed by David Johnson against employer Sleep Innovations. The matter was successfully defended by Elaine Newquist of our Chicago office. The defense

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Commission Sees the Light

On July 29, 2016, the Commission reversed an arbitration decision in a case tried by Sarah Antrim of our Peoria office.  In a case involving an injury to the Petitioner’s right knee while turning off a light, the Commission agreed with Ms.

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