Petitioner was a food worker who sustained injuries to her chin and left shoulder when struck by a forklift on May 24, 2006. Petitioner later alleged neck and right elbow problems related to the original incident. Petitioner began treatment in summer of 2004. She received extensive chiropractic manipulation for the next two years. Our IME physician found no causation after initial company clinic released Petitioner on  May 31, 2004. Utilization review found some therapy in 2006 appropriate but denied most of the chiropractic charges.


Temporary total disability, medical benefits, permanent partial disability.


Arbitrator denied Petitioner’s alleged neck and right elbow injuries based on our IME. Petitioner was awarded payment of a few physical therapy visits allowed by the utilization review and permanency for the original alleged injuries of chin and shoulder contusions.

Maria Ortega v. Tyson 07 WC 36416